Dahon Dove

Author: One Eye Goat Posted: 2010-04-24

While riding this morning, we passed a Dahon shop. It was closed seeing how it was about 7am, but we still stopped to peek in the windows. Right up front as a sweet little folder with 14 inch rims called the Dove. Also marked on the frame was "Domestic China Model" so I assume that it can only be purchased on the mainland. The frame is super small and would be ideal for a child or small adult and on flat ground. I found some information about the build online,

  • weight: 7.3Kg
  • Frame: Dahon Dove 7075 One-piece aluminum folding frame
  • Shimano M410 V-type brakes
  • Jagwire Kviler 5.0 Teflon-ray tubes
  • Kenda tires
  • single-speed ball bearing hubs
  • Sun rims cr399
  • KMC Chain
  • waterproof sealed bearings
  • Dahon Dove folding pedal
I've included some blurry pictures, but I'm sure there are better ones on the Dahon site.

Dahon Dove
Dahon Dove

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